Migration Ambassadors

  • We strengthen those in refugee aid, enabling them to become migration ambassadors 
  • Volunteers and social workers learn through workshops to make their initiatives more sustainable and how to build synergies between themselves 
  • We offer important tips and insights on how to organize and professionalize oneself
  • Experts share their knowledge in a way that carries the greatest impact  


In the past year, many initiatives were set up to aid refugees and provide support in their social lives. The most innovative solutions focused on human relationships instead of bureaucracy. This also gave rise to an added pressure to become more professional and better coordinated, as shown by the growing number of volunteers and the increasingly complex needs of refugees.

Migration Ambassadors brings together initiators, founders and multipliers of new initiatives and social enterprises with a faculty of experienced facilitators. In leadership and entrepreneurial workshops, they work together to strengthen the efforts and cohesion of civil society in the context of migration and flight. They provide active people with a space to learn skills for the sustainable development of their organizations, to network and grow as a community committed to a society defined by responsibility, mutual respect and courage.




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